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Kitty Can’t Contain Himself After Seeing Colorful Mini-Ball-Pit For The First Time!

Did you ever play in a ball pit when you were younger? I didn’t get the chance, but they look like a lot of fun! I have a small one for my son, and he thinks it is the best thing ever! Children are not the only ones who can appreciate a good time, however.

In this video, Boomer, the kitten, is about to discover a ball pit! Now, we all know that kittens are bundles of pure energy and Boomer is no exception! Wait until you see his reaction to the pit filled with colorful balls! It is excitement overload! Then they cut a tiny hole in the box and Boomer goes nuts!

Take a look at this video!

We all know cats love boxes, holes in things and to chase and pounce! With one box and a bunch of plastic balls, Boomer has the perfect cat toy!

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