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Man Was Confused Why His Kittens Slept All Day – So He Set Up A Camera And Started Recording

We all know that cats are nocturnal, which means they are most active at night. So, here you are, living in the house with one or more animals that sleep when you are awake and is active when you are sleeping! You feed them and get to spend a little time with them, but for the most part, they wander around your home and do things while you aren’t watching.

I am a cat lover, but I would really love to know exactly what goes on when I am tucked in under the covers! Another cat owner felt the same way I did, so he set up a hidden camera to find out what goes on in his house when the sun goes down! He was quite tickled at what he saw and decided to share the footage with everyone!

kittens playing around

Image Credit: YouTube

In the video, the man explains that he is fostering four tiny kittens! Can you imagine having four kittens in the house at the same time! Kittens are just bonkers! They run and run and find all sorts of trouble to get into – you know cats are curious and very clever! Watch the video to see what sorts of ‘trouble’ these four cuties got into!

They dash here and there! They pounce each other or nothing at all! I never knew cardboard boxes were so much fun! I need a nap just watching them play! If you liked the video, but sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter! Share away, people!