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Everyone Said This Kitten Was Too Ugly To Get Adopted — But One Woman Sees Her Beauty

Not every cat is fluffy and cuddly. The sad fact is that cats that don’t fit this “cute” idea of how they’re supposed to look are often labelled ugly, with few willing to see the beauty in them and get to know them at all.

Possum was born the runt of a feral litter of strays born in a backyard in North Carolina, being entirely bald with her fur growing in odd patterns – gray in some, white in others.

Even odder, her skin smelled of potatoes. The woman who lived in the home where she was born was able to get all her siblings adopted, but no one wanted Possum.

At her wit’s end, the woman decided that she’d have to bring the poor cat to the pound where she would be put down. But luckily, her colleague fell head over heels in love with the precious cat and decided to bring her home!