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Kitten Found Stuck In Mud Under Steel Is Saved By Teamwork

It took a small army to rescue one tiny kitten.

But some people will stop at nothing to help an animal in need.

Our story began two years ago in the mud on a cold September day.

The rescue group, Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, in Charleston, West Virginia, got an urgent message and rushed out to help.

Someone had found a kitten stuck in some freezing mud and under scrap metal.

The kitten had managed to crawl out a little, but couldn’t get free.

Workers dug into the cold mud to get him out.

Once he was free from the mud, he was rushed to the vet.

The kitten was hypothermic, emaciated and nonresponsive.

They named him Steely Dan.

Steely Dan was very sick, but the team of doctors and technicians stayed with him all night, and he pulled through!

By the next morning, Steely Dan was a new kitten!

He was talkative, playful, and full of energy!

At his new foster home with Kelly, Steely Dan made himself at home and started to investigate his new area.

Steely Dan won over the hearts of Kelly and her family.

They gave him a forever home and renamed him Oscar the Man Kitty.

Seems like Oscar is quite happy with his new living arrangements!

Now, all grown up, Oscar helps all the new foster kitties that come to his home.

He makes them feel loved and welcomed.

This story proves that when we join together, amazing things can happen!

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