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Kitten Stuck In A Drain Pipe Wouldn’t Stop Crying For Help. Then This Woman Crawled In!

The storm was relentless, and the water kept getting higher and higher. What was the poor kitten to do? Well, it cried and cried. The storm drain wasn’t a safe place to hide after all! Lucky for the kitten, Dorella Tuckwiller heard the desperate kitten.

She went into the drain and was able to get the soaking wet kitten out before it was too late. Let us clarify, Dorella put her life on the line for the kitten, she went INTO the drain head first – all the way in. The other people had to pull her back out by her legs! If you have ever wished you could see a hero in action – get ready!

Take a look at this video

You definitely saw several heroes at work in this video. They went through all this trouble for one tiny kitten – and it was worth it! All life is precious!

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