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Kitten Starts Sucking One Of His Toes Then Suddenly He Steals Everyone’s Heart!

Many babies will suck their thumbs. According to WebMD, babies have a natural instinct to suck. The urge should decrease after they reach 6 months of age. But thumb sucking can become a habit that is used to help comfort the child when they are hungry, afraid, bored, sleepy, or restless. We don’t often associate thumb – or toe sucking with kittens or puppies.

Well, that is all about to change! The kitten in this video has found his front paw and just can’t stop licking. He licks and licks – and then he purrs! The kitten is having a blast! Things get so relaxed that the kitten looks like he is kneading the air! Aww! I bet this will be the cutest video you see today! Go ahead and watch!

Take a look at this video

It isn’t every day you see a kitten suck on his paw, purr, and knead the air all at once! Don’t forget to share!