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Kitten Makes Adorable Sound When He Starts Drinking Milk From A Bottle

There is nothing cuter than a baby enjoying a bottle.

The best part is when they use their tiny hands to hold the bottle for themselves.

Sometimes they will even make the more adorable little sounds while they drink.

I am talking about both human and animal babies.

Of course, animals don’t have hands (they do have paws, though)– but that is beside the point – let’s not get technical.

The point is the cuteness factor – it is very high!

The tiny kitten in this video is drinking from his bottle, and from the little noises, he is making you can tell he is enjoying every last drop of the stuff!

You can tell this kitty has done this before!

He is an expert at holding his own bottle and everything!

Take a look at this video!

We don’t know what was in the bottle – but whatever it was the kitty was having the best time drinking it!

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