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Kitten Spots Her Human Blowing A Bubblegum, But No One Expected Such Hilarious Reaction!

Curiosity is natural. We all have it. When we see something that is interesting, we investigate. We have a need to get a closer look and to try and figure it out. Animals and kids are the most curious creatures on the planet. When they see something new, they are super excited and jump right in to try and see it closer.

Now, we all know the saying “curiosity killed the cat,” but the life of the kitten in this video is not in jeopardy! The kitten is watching his human blow bubbles with some gum. Of course, the kitten has to reach over and try to touch the bubble. I bet you can imagine what happens next! This looks like a fun game!

Take a look at this video

The kitten certainly isn’t going to let that bubble get very big! Share the cuteness with your friends!