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Tiny Kitten Discovers His Own Shadow And Then Starts Pouncing At It In The Cutest Way Ever!

One of the things I like best about being a cat mom is watching my cats play. They have the most fun with the smallest things! A paper clip can provide hours of entertainment. How about a tiny piece of fluff? Yep, great fun. I do buy my cats toys – but they seem to prefer the package the toy came in! The tiny kitten in this video is also easily entertained.

The ‘toy’ he has found to play with is his very own shadow! Just wait until you see the kitten pounce the shadow! I imagine the kitten was quite perplexed at how that shadow thing works. Then, his human ups the ante with a set of moving fingers! Reminds me of Peter Pan who actually fought with his shadow!

Take a look at this video!

Lesson learned, don’t buy expensive toys for your cats – just get a lamp and let them play with shadows! Share away, people!