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Kitten Lost In The Woods Cries For Help, But See What Happens When Puppy Answers Her Cries

Life as a two-day-old kitten can be scary. Your eyes aren’t open, you are defenseless, and you may get hungry. Life as a puppy may not be any easier – but the little puppy in this video is willing to help a fellow animal in need. In 2014, the male pup, Opie, heard a two-day-old kitten, Roscoe, cry and helped rescue him!

Opie and his owner, James, were out for a walk in Ontario, Canada. Roscoe was in bad shape. He was covered in maggots and stuck under a log (how the kitten got there is unknown, maybe abandoned by his mother). Watch the video below and follow Roscoe’s story. You will see him soon after he was rescued and watch him grow. At the end of the video, you will meet Opie.

Take a look at this video

Happily, both Opie and Roscoe are healthy and happy! James says the two were destined to be brothers.

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