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Kitten Who Arrived In Horrible Condition At Shelter Wows Everyone With This Transformation

According to Fostering Saves Lives, around 3-4 million animals are euthanized each year in the United States. Shelters are overflowing. People abandoned their pets outdoors, hey leave their pets at animal shelters, and some continue to buy pets from backyard breeders. The problem isn’t going away anytime soon with these behaviors.

Bunny, the kitten, arrived at the shelter in terrible shape. Thankfully, one woman wasn’t about to give up on the tiny kitten. Watch the video to see how Bunny was transformed from a scruffy kitten to a handsome cat! Please don’t shop for your next pet. Many loving animals are living in a shelter near you.

Take a look at this video

Some are already house trained and ready to move into your home today! If you already have a pet – be sure to spay or neuter them. Consider being a foster pet parent! It looks rewarding!

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