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Kitten Found In A Pallet Yard Clings To Woman’s Shoulder Refusing To Let Go

Ready for your feel good rescue story today? Ok, here we go! This is Woody. As you may imagine, his name has a story. Woody was found in a pallet yard (hence the name). He was all alone with no momma or siblings anywhere. When Sandra found him, he was dirty, and all she wanted to do was rescue him and give him food and a bath.

Woody started to drink his bath water! Poor little guy was probably dehydrated and super hungry!

Once Woody was clean and had a full belly he took a nice long nap. When that was over Woody showed his appreciation to Sandra by purring and ‘making biscuits.’

Woody is no ordinary cat – he seems to think he is a bird or something – he likes to perch on Sandra’s shoulder!

Woody is small enough, for now, to perch up there, but at some point, he is going to be too big!