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How This Kitten Starts A Conversation With Her Human Every Day Is Just Adorable!

Do you talk to your pets? I do. We have regular conversations. Sometimes I tell them about my day or give them a weather forecast. My cats will ‘talk’ to me too. Most of the time they seem to be begging for either food or love. They can never get too much love! The woman in this video is having a conversation with her kitten.

Each question she asks elicits a response from the tiny ball of fluff! If you don’t have enough cuteness in your life – this will fill your cup to overflowing! The kitten is very insistent about something. Her little purrs often sound urgent. But then, a kitten doesn’t do anything halfway – they go full speed and head on!

Take a look at this video!

“Are you cute?” asks the woman. “Oh yes, I am cute!” says the kitten! The kitten probably doesn’t understand why that isn’t obvious!

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