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Kitten Born With Two Faces Transforms Into The Most Gorgeous Cat

What comes to mind when you think of the phrase “two-faced”? It’s probably nothing good!

After all, it means that someone pretends to be someone with you but acts like someone else with others.

They may backstab, or lie, or cheat – and, basically, it’s just a bad experience all around for you and others around them.

Then again, you may also be thinking of the infamous Batman villain Two-Face. That’s still not a very good thing, though.

Face it, you wouldn’t want to have to sit down with someone who makes all their decisions with the flip of a coin – especially if half of those decisions involve murder, and all of them involve crimes!

But what if I told you that there’s a particular two-faced creature in the world who not only looks super-adorable, but is a complete sweetheart too?

It can be hard to think of something two-faced as something good, but it becomes much easier when you realize that I’m talking about a cat!

Narnia is an extremely cute and rare little kitten with an extremely unique and precious trait – she looks like she has two faces thanks to the special coloring of her facial fur.

She has bright blue eyes and is entirely black except for half of her face, which is covered in stoney grey fur in a lovely shade known in cat communities as “blue”.

Narnia was born into a litter bred by French breeder Stephanie Jimenez, who specializes in breeding British longhairs and shorthairs.

But Jimenez soon realized that she couldn’t let such a precious kitten go.

It was love at first sight, and Jimenez knew she would never be able to part with her.

So, while the rest of Narnia’s litter is sold or let go, Narnia herself will stay with Jimenez forever.

Since Jimenez posted pictures of the cute kitten, Narnia has gained lots of fans online.

She became something of a viral sensation! Her beauty has definitely captured hearts worldwide.

It’s no surprise that Jimenez wanted to keep her, and why she was named after C. S. Lewis’ whimsical, fantastical book series.

She looks like she could be one of the magical creatures in those tales!

But what’s the reason for Narnia’s look?

There’s no concrete explanation, but many theorize that this occurs due to the fusing of embryos.

Essentially, Narnia may contain two different types of DNA because she’s the product of a couple of embryos forming one.

Cats with this appearance are called Chimeras, likely named after the mythical creatures from Greek legend that are made from different animal parts!

Narnia has now grown up to the age of two years old, and she only gets more gorgeous as she ages!

She lives a happy life with her Mom and a fellow cat sibling named Bella and her fans grow more every day.

On her Instagram account, she has amassed a very impressive 250,000 followers – and to be honest, it’s no surprise!

After all, how often do you see a cat so beautiful?