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They Walked Into Their Kitchen Only To Find Their Cat Falling In Love… With A Bowl

Do you have a favorite mug? It is the mug that you NEED to drink your morning coffee out of every day? If you can’t find the mug, do you start to panic a little? Is your whole day thrown off because you didn’t have it? Well, maybe its just me! We all have a routine or a certain way of doing things that brings us comfort.

I have my mug – the cat in this video has his bowl. You know that the last place you will find your cat sleeping is in the cat bed designed specifically for them! The cat in this video has found a bowl that seems to be just right for lounging in! Not only that, but the bowl is in the sun!

Take a look at this video

A warm, comfy spot and soaking up the sun’s rays! You can’t get any better than this! Share away, people!