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Kid Says He’s Got A Pencil Stuck In His Ear, But Doctor Pulls Out Something Else Altogether

Kids are always getting up to some sort of mischief, but Lewis King managed to take that to the next level. While playing around, he managed to get something lodged up his ear – and he waited an entire week before he told his mother about it.

Apparently, Lewis had been playing around with a pencil when he’d stuck it in his ear and it broke off, leaving a small piece of it inside. So for one week, he had a foreign object stuck up his ear. Yikes!

Image Credit: YouTube

Lewis was rushed to a hospital, where a doctor in the emergency room looked him over and searched in his ear to see what it was. Lewis described the pencil, saying it was only a very small piece. Understandably, the doctor was worried and rushed to get the item removed, because leaving it in for too long could eventually cause infections or even deafness.

But as the doctor dug into his ear, he realized that Lewis had been lying about what exactly got stuck in his ear – and the real culprit was pretty unbelievable! When he finally pulled it out, the doctor even noticed that Lewis’ eardrum had completely disappeared. Luckily, eardrums regrow over time, and his should be back to normal within 6 weeks.

Image Credit: YouTube

Curious to see what was really inside Lewis’ ear? It’s really difficult to believe, and it’s hilarious how Lewis lied about it for so long and in such detail! Watch the video to find out what was stuck in there!

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