Image Credit: Black Windows / YouTube

You know what they say about karma….it’s a bi***. It is true. Karma has a way of dealing out the best kinds of ‘justice.’ This video is disturbing.

First, we have a little girl who can only be described as a brat hitting a cat. Why she is hitting the cat is unclear, the cat isn’t doing anything.

The second disturbing thing is that there has got to be someone recording the whole thing.

Why would this other person allow the girl to hit the cat repeatedly?

Any intelligent person can see the cat is getting more and more irritated with each swipe.

The cat is planning and plotting. When the opportunity it right – the cat attacks!

Take a look at this video

I think the girl got off easy. It doesn’t look like she was hurt that much, but of course, she cried.

I don’t feel for the girl, I hope the cat is okay and doesn’t have to go through that again.

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