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Stranded Crash Victim Records Farewell Message To Family Before Chance Rescue

There is a road nicknamed amongst the locals of Tennessee – Tail of the Dragon, which is a path hidden in the midst of the Smoky Mountains and is unfortunately, a huge fan favorite among motorbike enthusiasts.

The 11-mile long road is notorious for its dangerous path, with over 300 twists and turns.

Four men decided to try their bikes out along the tricky path.

Two out of 4 men did not make it down the road safely and crashed, while the other died.

Kevin Diepenbrock was the only survivor out of the group, with broken bones and pierced lungs to boot.

Lying along the embankment and seemingly to have accepted his fate to die there, he whipped his cellphone out to record a touching message for his family.

It was then a man named Joshua Johnson and his girlfriend spotted him later on that evening, and got him the help he needed.

Check out the video below!

Thanks to Joshua, Kevin was safely rescued – and is able to be reunited with the rest of his family!

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