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Keanu Reeves Knows How To Treat A Woman Properly On The Subway

There’s a common misconception that famous people are too detached from reality to care about others.

In reality, there are many people who donate millions of dollars to charities and offer their time to help others.

There are even some famous people who don’t really consider themselves to be different than other people.

Despite being most famous for his role in the Matrix series, Keanu Reeves is also known for being an all-around good person.

He is a constant reminder that famous people do have the ability to be normal and caring. They aren’t all rich and snooty.

There is a video circulating the internet that shows the kindness that Reeves possesses. A bystander caught some footage of Reeves performing a very nice act.

In the video, Keanu Reeves can be seen minding his own business on a subway in New York City.

He is wearing normal clothes and many people simply don’t recognize him as a famous actor.

Reeves appears to be looking around to see if anyone notices, but he remains calm and collected.

The subway eventually stops and a herd of people scrambles on while another gets off. One woman is unable to find a seat and ends up standing next to Reeves.

Reeves notices the woman is holding a duffel bag and decides to do something about the situation. He politely gets her attention and offers his seat.

She appears a bit nervous but accepts the kind gesture. Keanu Reeves then stands up and holds onto a pole as the subway continues along.

He has a smile on his face during the interaction.

Reeves might have seen the fan who was filming the whole time, or he was simply happy that he could help someone on the subway.

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