Although “American Idol” was the original reality singing competition, there have been many more programs to follow in its footsteps.


Now in its 17th season, “American Idol” has seen it all.

With thousands of contestants to walk through the audition doors each season, the challenge for many is how to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Sometimes life circumstances make it easy to make yourself stand out on a stage full of many talented performers.

Such was the case with 27-year-old contestant Dimitrius Graham.

Although he was about to take the stage in front of the three celebrity judges, Graham was only thinking about his ill mother.

As Graham explained to the judges, he wanted to FaceTime his mother Lorraine so that she could be a part of the big moment.


When the call was connected, judge Katy Perry took the opportunity to pray that angels would watch over Lorraine while she was in surgery the following day.

The emotions were impossible to hold back when Graham began singing the classic Bette Midler tune, “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

Perry could not help but get emotional during the performance. She held up the phone so that Lorraine could see her son perform his beautiful song.

By the end of the performance, both Perry and Graham were in tears.


It took guts for the young man to get up on the stage and give it his all during such a trying time in his family’s life.

It is nice that Perry recognized this courage and allowed Graham to include his mother in his time in the spotlight.

Now is your chance to watch this touching performance and to see Perry’s heartfelt reaction!