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Dog Abandoned In A Field Because He Was Blind And Couldn’t Walk Finds His Perfect Home

In 2012, some heartless person left a blind golden retriever puppy in a Southern California field with his brother. The dog, now named Kanga, had a congenital defect that made it hard for him to walk. Soon after being rescued by a Long Beach shelter Kanga was taken in by the Golden Retriever Club of Greater LA Rescue. One of their volunteers agreed to foster Kanga.

In the video, you will meet Kanga. This is not a sad story, of course, it is a happy one. After eight months, Kanga found a forever home! You will see how a blind dog learns to adapt and function. Kanga can run, play, and even go up and down the stairs. Kanga has learned to use his other senses to help him navigate.

Take a look at this video

He has a canine sibling and a wonderful human dad! It’s wonderful to see things looking good for him, isn’t it?! Share away, people!