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K9 Won’t Stop Kissing His Partner During Official Photo Shoot, Then Finally Does A Serious One

Check out this photo! This is Conservation Officer Levi Knach and his K9 partner, Kenobi. As you can see Kenobi isn’t interested in getting his picture taken – he wants to give hugs to Knack!

This was the photo the pair had made for the official Department of Natural Resources (DNR) – what a sweet pair they make!

The pair are members of Indiana’s DNR law enforcement agency. Here are a few of the outtakes! Knach tries to look professional. Kenobi apparently isn’t feeling very professional – but he certainly does love Knach!

Okay, okay one quick kiss Kenobi and then we have to get a good photo! Knach adjusts his hat – but no, Kenobi isn’t quite finished – he missed a spot! The kisses continue!