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Judge Judy Has A New Hair Look In The Courtroom Replacing Her Signature Short Bob

After gracing our televisions for 22 years with her Emmy award winning show, Judge Judy, and her trademark hairstyle, a short bob with blonde highlights, the star introduced a new look.

76 year old Judge Judy is just as slick, quick-witted, and fantastic in the courtroom as ever; however, she decided to walk into a live recording of her show with a new hairdo for the first time in over two decades.

Fans, viewers, and others were surprised and immediately began weighing in on her new look, a simple ponytail.

An overwhelming number of fans like Judge Judy’s new hairstyle and commend her for making a change and a statement.

Many were curious about her longtime sidekick on the show, Byrd the bailiff’s opinion on the change.

He was quoted revealing to Inside Edition, “I tried to stay out of this; y’all won’t let me! I prefer my boss with the old do. More sophisticated and ‘Judy”-cial.”

The show, Judge Judy debuted in 1996 and quickly gained popularity and momentum.

It began its 23rd season in September 2018 and in 2015, the show’s contract was extended to the completion of its 25th season.

Over the years, the hit show has won a total of three Emmy awards and has achieved the highest ratings ever of courtroom television in the United States.

Any fan of the show knows that if Judge Judy enjoys her new hairstyle, no friend or fan’s opinion will change her mind.