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Woman Starts Laughing In The Middle Of The Court After Judge Read Out Her Parking Ticket

You get caught speeding or going through a traffic light, and you get a ticket. It happens. Sometimes you may have a good reason to go to court and fight the ticket. Most of us just pay the fee and get it all over with. A Rhode Island woman got her ticket dismissed when she went to court! The judge himself couldn’t believe that she was issued a ticket for the parking space violation.

It is rather complicated to explain – so we will let you watch the video and find out what the woman’s crime was and how the judge joked about it! I wish all traffic tickets could be dismissed so easily. Of course, most of us who getting tickets probably deserved them – but this woman didn’t.

Take a look at this video

While we are on the subject – drive safe. Pay attention to traffic lights and stop signs. Driving is a privilege that needs to be taken seriously! Share away, people!