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12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Mountain Lion Stalking Her On Elk Hunt

Joshua Caldwell took his daughter, Alyssa, 12, out to hunt in the woods.

The two were going to a meadow in New Mexico to stalk elk.

They got out about 200 yards when Joshua realized they had left some shooting sticks in the car.

He told Alyssa to stay put – he would be right back. About 30 seconds later, Joshua heard a shot.

He figured Alyssa had gotten an elk. He ran back to see that she hadn’t shot an elk.

Instead, she had shot and killed a mountain lion!

The mountain lion was only about 5 feet from Alyssa!

Alyssa said she hadn’t seen or heard anything until he was that close to her!

Take a look at this image

girl hunting

Image Credit: N/A

Somehow, she was able to remain calm, aim, and kill the mountain lion.

Due to hunting laws, they were not able to keep the mountain lion.

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