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Josh Groban Hands Stranger Mic, But Watch His Face Change Suddenly When He Sings 1st Note

Celebrities are probably pretty used to hearing that someone is their number one fan, and they’re definitely also used to getting lots of fan mail. But that doesn’t mean that they appreciate each individual fan any less!

During one of his concerts in 2011, Josh Groban decided to read out a fan letter received from someone who called himself his biggest fan – a young man named Josh Page. The letter talked about how Page’s favorite dream was to be able to sing “The Prayer” on stage with Josh Groban, and how the two shared a number of things in common: the same first name and the same birthday. But little did Josh Groban know that there was another thing they had in common!

Image Credit: YouTube

Josh Groban called Page up on stage to sing with him to make his dream come true. The first few notes of “The Prayer” began to play, and Page was handed a microphone. Most were probably expecting just a cute moment, but when Page opened his mouth and began to sing, the whole crowd had to cheer!

Image Credit: YouTube

Page revealed that he had an absolutely beautiful voice that is perfectly controlled and uses flawless technique! But far from being threatened by his talent, Josh Groban was amazed and impressed and looked so proud and happy to see that this fan had a voice that rivalled his own!

By the way, Page went on to become a part of the singing trio known as Forte, which reached the finals of America’s Got Talent in their eighths season. So it seems like he found a way to showcase that talent independently after all!