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Dozens Of Jeeps Pull Up To Dying Girl’s House When She Asks For Birthday Help

Kind people exist everywhere – it just takes time and patience to find the good in people. In times of need, unexpected help would come to our rescue. This is the touching story of how people from all over the world support a cancer patient and her family simply by writing a birthday card each.

Meet Ava Hutchinson, a 10-year-old who lives in Des Moines, Iowa located in the United States.

Since she was young, Ava already had two brain tumor diagnoses at the mere age of four. She remained cancer-free for the next five years, till things took a turn for the worse.

Image Credit: KCCI / YouTube

The bad news was that Ava’s cancer had returned – in a more fatal form, endangering her life since she turned six. Chemotherapy was no help.

Image Credit: KCCI / YouTube

Ava was diagnosed with hi-grade Glioma at the age of ten, with tumors located throughout her brain. Her family was dismayed when the doctors told them that it is incurable. Ava however, simply wanted to spend her birthday reading birthday cards from people all over the world and mailed to her directly.

Image Credit: KCCI / YouTube