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Because Girlfriend Paid Too Much Attention To Her Dogs, Jealous Man Kills Them Both

Jealousy is never pretty. Two dogs are dead because of a jealous boyfriend. Jennifer Sherman and Joel Davis were dating. Joel was very jealous of the relationship Jennifer had with her dog. So, he killed them both. Sherman left the dogs in his care (on more than one occasion) – on February 5th one dog, Sebastian, a two-year-old Puggle, was found dead by a family member.

After his death, Jennifer adopted another dog named Leo. Sadly, Leo was also killed by Davis. Why did she adopt another dog and then let Davis near it? Did she not realize Davis killed Sebastian? I am shocked that she could be so blind and careless. At first, Davis denied killing both dogs. Then he admitted to police that he had suffocated both dogs.

Take a look at this beast

man kills dogs

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For his heinous crimes, Davis has been arrested and has reportedly written a confession and apology. Rest in Peace, Sebastian and Leo. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]