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Girl Who Won Homecoming Queen Turned Around, Removed Her Crown And Gave It Away

Homecoming dances are big events in the lives of many a high school student. There are ballots cast for who should be queen and king. It is an honor to be crowned. Caia Gillet, 17, was named homecoming queen at Viera High School. Understandably, she was thrilled. But, Jazzmin Samuels was heartbroken. Jazzmin was hoping to be crowned queen. Jazzmin has cerebral palsy and can only communicate by typing.

Most kids her age do not understand that she is just like them. Happily, Caia did. Even though she had never met Jazzmin, she took her crown and gave it to Jazzmin in front of everyone! Who would do that?! A decent human being would. Kindness goes a lot farther in this world than a homecoming crown. Watch the video below to see the magical moment and Jazzmin’s reaction!

Take a look at this video

We should all be like Caia. Imagine how wonderful our world would be! Share away, people!