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Growing A Jasmine Plant Reduces Anxiety, Panic Attacks And Depression, Study Says

There is growing evidence that being close to nature and the outdoors can benefit good health.

But many city-dwellers don’t have the opportunity to be surrounded by the natural healing benefits associated with trees and plants.

Most people today are dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety, some of which is caused by air pollution.

Studies show there are particular plants that not only eliminate toxins from the air, but they can also combat the symptoms of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

One such fragrant blossoming plant is the jasmine, according to recent research.

Ariadna Nevskaya / Shutterstock

By simply breathing in its aromatic fragrance, an individual can immediately begin to feel much calmer.

If you don’t have a green thumb for growing your own jasmine plants, this is one plant worth spending money on to purchase from your local gardening store.

Researchers have recently discovered that having a jasmine plant in your house can eliminate stress, improve mental health and encourage a more positive frame of mind.

At Ruhr University in Germany, Professor Hanns Hatt conducted a study to determine the exact benefits derived when individuals smelled the fragrance emitted by certain plants.

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Mice used in the study were exposed to pure jasmine oil and the aroma emitted by nearby jasmine plants.

The result was mice who were no longer agitated, but appeared calm and serene, displaying no activity.

Further studies linked inhaling the fragrance of the jasmine plant to a marked decrease in stress and anxiety.

After studying the brain scans of the mice, it was determined that this type of “aromatherapy” increased the positive effect an important chemical called GABA had on the nervous system.

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It produced a chemical reaction that not only eliminated symptoms of anxiety, but encouraged the individual who had smelled jasmine fragrance to feel calm and sit still.

Professor Hatt’s experiments proved that breathing in the scent of the jasmine plant was beneficial to reducing or eliminating stress.

Recent research shows that not does the scent of the jasmine plant help improve mood and reduce nervous tension and anxiety, it is also beneficial for balancing hormonal levels, improving the quality of sleep, improving alertness and cognition.

In addition to treating such menopausal symptoms as mood swings, hot flashes and loss of libido.

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An increasing number of researchers now believe that the jasmine plant could be used as an effective natural substitute for sedatives, sleeping pills and medications to resolve anxiety.

Inhaling just several drops of jasmine essential oil has proven effective at treating mild depression and muscle spasms, eliminating insomnia and boosting mental concentration.

Another study done at Wheeling Jesuit University demonstrated that sleeping individuals who inhaled a jasmine odor introduced into a room enjoyed improved quality of sleep and less restlessness during sleep.

Investing in a jasmine plant or pure jasmine essential oil may be a natural, safe and effective remedy for the stress, anxiety and depression that affects many individuals due to modern day life.