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Jack The Cat Has A Meow Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Heard

We all know that cats meow. Most cats sound pretty much the same when they meow. Some cats have a distinctive chirp or squeak – but a meow is just a meow – right?! Well, no! Jack is no ordinary black and white cat, his meow is very unique and rather unusual! As the video of Jack meowing has made its way around the internet, some people are saying he sounds like Barry White or even Morgan Freeman!

One person suggested that Jack’s owner change his name to James Earl Cat! According to Jack’s owner, the distinctive meow is due to “laryngeal paralysis.” I am skeptical though, is that a real meow or a voice over?! The American College of Veterinary Surgeons web page said that laryngeal paralysis can affect how a cat breathes – but didn’t mention any changes in meowing. Laryngeal paralysis can be a serious condition.

Take a look at this video!

Wow. I really am speechless! He does sound a bit like Morgan Freeman! I bet they never get tired of his unusual meows!

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