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Inspectors Visit Zoo After Hearing Troubling Rumors — But Aren’t Prepared For What They Find There

Even the penguins were mistreated – they did not have any water to swim in! Their enclosure only had a few drainage pipes that streamed very little water – obviously not enough to form a single pool of water for them.

There was also no shelter available, away from the smelting heat and sun rays.

Wild cats such as Leopards were in no better shape, either.

Animals were being killed off one by one due to natural causes – unhygienic conditions caused various diseases and illnesses such as hypothermia, emaciation, E Coli, and even flesh-eating Bacteria that affected two young Snow Leopard Cubs.

South Lake was taken over by Cumbria Zoo Company earlier on in January 2017. However, zoo inspectors fear that the management would not face a much-needed overhaul – due to the fact that at least half of Cumbria Zoo’s directors were either managers or directors at South Lake in the past.

Hopefully, these animals will be relocated to a better environment that’ll treat them better.

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