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Desperate Elephant Begs For Help From Locals After Being Shot In The Head By Poachers

After watching this, you will understand why people say that elephants are intelligent animals. This story took place last summer. The elephant you see here has a bullet wound in his head. The elephant approaches some doctors for help in Zimbabwe. Now, there is no way that the elephant knew the people were doctors – but Pretty Boy did know that humans were going to be able to help him.

It is believed that Pretty Boy had lived with the bullet in his head for about six weeks. Doctors believe that he was shot and then wandered onto the Mana Pools National Park and found the help he needed. It was infected and probably quite painful. The doctors from Aware Trust Zimbabwe were able to sedate him and removed the bullet.

Take a look at this video

Elephants like Pretty Boy are hunted by poachers for their ivory tusks. Pretty Boy also had a wound in his side. Share away, people.