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Inhumane Man Baked Kittens After Beating Them To Death

In Morristown, New Jersey located in the United States, a 25-year-old man named Lamar Jacobs is brought into police custody after his ex-girlfriend,Krystal Perdue reportedly found her cat and kittens dead in her home.

Lamar had visited her house as a guest and told her that he had to ‘toilet-train’ one of her cats. One of the cats, which behind the stove was alive, with a bloodied nose. The second cat named King Tut and its two kittens, Midnight and Pretty Kitty, were found in a garbage can outside three days later.

King Tut’s head showed signs of trauma, indicating that Lamar had beaten it to death with a broken broom. However, the kittens suffered a worse fate – they had their claws ripped out from their already-blistered paws. They were then left in the oven and burnt to death.

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The bodies have been collected by the local Humane society for a proper burial and through examination.

Lamar Jacobs also has a lengthy criminal history spanning from 2009 onwards, with a domestic assault charge in 2013 and two drug smuggling attempts throughout 2015 to 2016.

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