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Infant Screams Inside Public Bathroom. Then Mom Looks Under The Changing Mat And Sees It

New mother Hayley Turner had entered the local diaper changing room in the ladies’ public bathroom just as normal. She placed her baby down, only to find him screaming in pain. Alarmed, she picked her baby up again.

She stripped her baby of his clothes, and was ultimately shocked to see what actually caused his pain. There were various pock marks on his back. This has been a result of spiking.

Apparently, drawing pins were inserted in the slots of public baby diaper changing stations. This has become a very serious problem in the UK.

This was not the first time this has happened – several others, also mothers, have reported of similar incidents with their infants.

It may be a joke to the prankster who did such a thing, but it certainly isn’t to most. This might seem innocently harmless at first glance, but the harm it does to babies is unaccountable.

Hayley is now trying to spread the word on social media – beware!

Be sure to look out for hidden dangers that may harm your baby!

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