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Wife Screams When Illusionist Is Buried Alive On TV, Then Simon Gasps When He Spots Him In Crowd

Demian Aditya uses a tactic during his illusion and escapes acts to keep the audience on their toes – he uses fear! The clip below is from America’s Got Talent, and Aditya wasn’t about to let the audience and his wife off without a good scare! The video was posted on July 18, 2017, and is part of the “Judge Cuts.” Aditya lays inside a wooden box with chains wrapped around his hands and body, then the box is covered with dirt and sand.

The video camera inside the box is to record his escape and show the audience what is going on – but then the screen goes black! Aditya’s wife can’t take it anymore, and she runs over and screams to have him let out. Simon seems a bit nervous too and walks over to the pit to get the men to stop throwing sand on the box – wait until you see what happens next!

Take a look!

This is incredible and I bet it left you scratching your head! Share away, people!