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Illusionist Attempts Trick He’s Only Done Once Then Judges Stand Up To Watch Him Escape

America’s Got Talent has had a series of amazingly talented individuals try out recently. In the clip below, we meet Demian Aditya, an escape artist, and illusionist. During his audition, Demian is going to do an act that he has only done one other time! Demian is bound from head to toe and only had two minutes to escape! Waiting to fall down and bury him alive is 900 pounds of sand! No pressure!

Watching on the side is Demian’s wife – who appears very nervous! Tick, tick, the clock winds down – then down comes the sand! That is the worst outcome possible – right? The stage crew rushes out to try and free Demian, Howie jumps out of his chair, no one is prepared for what happens next! You will be blown away by what Demian has in store! Watch this truly death-defying act!

Take a look at this video

Okay how many of you held your breath? I did, I know! This was one of the most unbelievable tricks I’ve ever seen to be honest.

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