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IHOP Worker Grabs Disabled Woman’s Fork, But Has No Idea Stranger’s Filming Everything

Above and beyond the call. One server at an IHOP restaurant in Springfield, Illinois did more than anyone was expecting. Joe Thomas, 43, saw a man feed his wife at the IHOP where he worked. Joe sat down at the table next to the woman. He started to cut up her food and feed it to her. The woman suffered from Huntington’s disease and wasn’t able to feed herself.

Her husband was willing to feed her – but that meant his food would get cold. As Joe sat down, he told the husband to go ahead and enjoy his meal, that he would take care of his wife. Can you imagine? This man is a hero! He doesn’t get paid to feed his customers!

Take a look at this video

We should all strive to be as loving and gracious as Joe Thomas! Spread the word! Go above and beyond everyday!

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