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Cat Sees Something Moving In The Water, Then Camera Captures His Lighting Fast Skills!

What do you do if you are a wild animal and you get hungry? You hunt. You track down some prey and go for it. Sometimes you have to stalk your prey and wait. What do you do if you are a hungry gray and white kitty? You hunt. This kitty finds a tasty morsel in what looks like a frozen pond.

But, there is a rectangular shape that was carved out of the ice. The opening in the ice is just perfect. The cat can see the fish swimming around in the icy water and is too hungry to worry about the ice or how cold it is. Wait until you see how fast this cat is! Talk about lightning fast reflexes! All the action takes just seconds – be ready!

Take a look at this video!

By the looks of this kitty, he is an excellent hunter! Share away, people!