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You’ve Never Heard A Dog Talk Back To Its Owner Like This One

The Husky in this video has no problem at all talking back to his mom. This issue he is complaining about is clearly that important to him. His mom is saying that they were just outside and yet he wants to go back out. This happens to me all the time. I take my dog out. We stand there, she sniffs the ground for several minutes.

I give up, and we come back in. Then two minutes later she has to go back out again. I have had this very conversation with my dog many times. There is no point. If you don’t take them back out soon, you will have an ‘accident’ to clean up.

Take a look at this video

I have to wonder how a dog can ‘forget’ to do their business when we go outside. That is the reason we went out in the first place! Enjoy the sassy dog!