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Breeder Immediately Decides To Euthanize Husky Puppy Who Splayed On His Belly

Swimmers syndrome or swimming-puppy syndrome is a deformity of newborn cats or dogs. According to the Canadian Veterinary Journal, the syndrome will cause the animals’ hind limbs actually grow sideways which makes it hard for them to stand or walk. These animals will often ‘paddle’ their legs as if they were swimming, thus the name “swimmer.”

There is a treatment for the syndrome, but many breeders decide that the treatment isn’t worth it and have any animals with the syndrome put to sleep. Casper, a Siberian husky pup, was born with swimmers syndrome and his breeder wanted him to be put down.

Take a look at this video

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue was able to get Casper to a vet and saved his life. Gina was able to document his progress too. Swimmers syndrome is not an irreversible condition, lives can be saved! Share away, people!