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Husband Pulled Over For Rushing Pregnant Wife To Hospital, But Cop’s Response Scares Them

The police are supposed to protect and serve. Sadly, sometimes, they just don’t – just watch this video from 2012. James Reiner is driving too fast – that is clear. But he had a good reason, his wife, Dana, was in active labor! There isn’t time to mess around – when the baby is coming, the baby is coming!

He got pulled over, and the cops didn’t care that his wife was in labor. Several of them arrived and didn’t seem to care at all that the baby was on the way. They even taunted James and made him lay on the ground while Dana screamed in pain. James was put into handcuffs and everything. Finally, the cops called an ambulance – after 20 minutes.

Take a look at this video

The baby girl was born – but James had been arrested, and he missed the whole thing. Shame on you police officers. I hope they were punished for excessive use of force (and for being jerks).

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