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Comatose Wife Hears Husband Whisper Truth As He Pull The Plug And She Fights Back

When Lyndee Pellettiere-Swapp slipped into a coma, doctors said she would never wake up and that there may not be any point in holding on to her.

But the faith of her family and her spirit made a miracle happen.

Pellettiere-Swapp was found passed out by her son and remained in the coma for 12 days on life support.

Doctors believed there was no hope for recovery.

As her husband sat at her side, he whispered to her, “I need you to fight.”

But it seemed like she could not hear him, as she couldn’t respond in any way.

Finally, her family went with the doctors’ suggestions to take Pellettiere-Swapp off life support.

But as they did, something incredible occurred, and she spoke three simple but powerful words: “I’m a fighter”.

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She advises others that if their loved ones are in a coma, that they can hear and understand the words you say to them, so don’t give up hope.

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