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After Husband Dies, Woman Spots Giant Deer Outside The Window Staring At Her

Mette Kvam, 81, had lived a lonely life alone in her mountainside home in Aurland, Norway since her husband died. Then about four years ago a hungry stag found himself in her yard. The deer had a sweet and gentle demeanor that touched Mette. She named him Flippen and fed him some bread twice a day.

Flippen comes to her home and stands under her window until she comes and gives him his treats. A woman named Britt saw the touching moment while she was walking through the woods. Britt stopped (probably stared in amazement!) and then captured the encounter on video!

Take a look at this video

Flippen actually sort of jumps up onto the house to reach her and eats right out of her hand! The lonely widow had needed a friend and found one! The deer also needed some help and was lucky enough to find Mette.

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