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Husband Cuts Off Wife’s Hands For Not Giving Him Kids, Then Learns Why She Can’t Get Pregnant

Stephen Ngila and his wife Jackline Mwende were not able to conceive a child during their five-year marriage. So, Ngila attacked his wife and cut off her hands with a machete! This type of domestic violence is not uncommon in Kenya. Ngila was charged with marital assault and will be tried in court at some point in the future.

According to the Gender Violence Recovery Center located at Nairobi Women’s Hospital, approximately 45% of women aged 15 to 49 have experienced sexual or physical violence. Most of the perpetrators are not strangers to the women – they are men that they know. Watch the video to learn about Jackline’s recovery.

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So, it may seem that there are many parts of the world where men and women are still very unequal in terms of their rights. Let us hope that activists and politicians work hard to correct this – and soon.

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