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After Hunting Season Ends, These Dogs Are Dumped Or Hanged.

There is a horrible and sad truth – and it starts on the streets of Spain. At least 50,000 Spanish Greyhounds, also called Galgos, get dumped on the streets and killed by hanging yearly – after the hunting season for their local hare ends. These poor canines are mass-bred purely for the sport – they never received love from their breeders or handlers.

Image Credit: The Dodo

Valentina was one of the luckier ones – she was rescued by a kind woman named Mari Carmen.

Image Credit: The Dodo

Valentina was almost hanged by her former handler when Mari intervened – and took her home where she houses at least 100 others. Galgos are greatly mistreated – and such abuse needs to be stopped before more pups are killed in this seemingly never-ending animal trade.

Image Credit: The Dodo

Check out this video below:

These beautiful dogs deserve a fighting chance in life.

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