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Hungry Teen Goes To Kroger To Ask Strangers For Food, Has No Idea That Move Will Change His Life

When 16-year-old Chauncy Jones, starving and desperate, headed to a grocery store he knew the well-off frequented, he was hoping to score some food in exchange for performing labor or chores. What he got was a life-changing experience instead.

After continually being turned down, Chauncy chanced upon Matt White. He asked if he could help him carry his groceries to his car in exchange for a packet of glazed donuts. The moment he heard this, Matt’s heart was touched. He could see that Chauncy was embarrassed and tired, and his heart reached out to him.

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But Matt didn’t just buy Chauncy donuts – he took him on a grocery shopping spree. He picked up essentials for food and toiletries, like cereal, fruit, snacks, soap, and toothbrushes. Matt says it was a lot of fun for the both of them, and as they went along, he learned more about Chauncy. The teenager was trying to find a job to help his mom pay for food and rent, and he was getting straight A’s in school. At home, he and his mother had nothing – no phone, no car, no food.

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Matt was already amazed, but that Chauncy told him something even more inspiring. He said that one day, he wanted to own his own businesses and be rich so that he could help buy groceries for those in his neighborhood who couldn’t afford it – just like Matt was doing.

After they were done shopping, Matt drove Chauncy and his new groceries home. As soon as he entered the home, he realized there was no exaggeration – Chauncy really had nothing. They slept on sleeping bags, had no furniture, and the fridge was empty. Chauncy mother also seemed to have a disability that made her shake and barely able to walk.

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As if he hadn’t already committed enough acts of kindness, Matt went home and set up a GoFundMe page for Chauncy and his mother. Originally, the aim was to raise money for Chauncy to buy a lawnmower, but the story went viral and raised over $300,000!

Today, Chauncy and his mom have a house and a car, and he goes to a better school. His mother’s health has improved so much, and they never have to go hungry like they used to. Future money donated to Chauncy’s Chance goes into a secure trust for their future – and Chauncy can’t wait to pay this kindness forward.