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Here’s A Terrifying Reason Why You Shouldn’t Feed Hummingbirds Red Nectar

Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, and here in the southern United States, pollen is everywhere! It is time to dust off the lawn tools, get some fertilizer and buy seed for the local wildlife! Many of us like to put out something for hummingbirds. Those amazing bird zip here and there – and can be found all over the country.

hummingbird red nectar

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Most hummingbird nectar mixes that you can buy are red, the idea was the color attracted the hummingbirds. But, the reality is that the color may be harming the birds.

Happinest Wildlife Rehabilitation & Rescue in Signal Mountain, Tennessee is trying to get the word out to people before they fill up the feeders this spring.

The feeders are red – that is all the color that is needed to attract the birds. You can make your own sugar water mixture and don’t have to add any coloring to it.

What you are seeing in this image, posted by Happinest, are the droppings from hummingbirds – the droppings are surrounded by the dye from the nectar they ingested.