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When Her Human Sneezes, Smart Pit Bull Does Something Truly Incredible

Dog trainers all have their tricks. Some use clickers to train dogs. Some us treats, others use force. Then there is training that is positive, and doesn’t use force – this type of training is called positive reinforcement, which means you praise the dog for doing the behavior properly. Veronica-Lynn, the dog you see in the picture, was trained this way.

Veronica-Lynn is an American pit bull terrier. She is smarter and more talented than most dogs you will meet! Pit bulls have a bad reputation, one which they got only because of the lack of training or bad behaviors they learned from their owners.

Take a look at this video

Watching Veronica-Lynn in this video proves that pit bulls are intelligent, trainable, and eager to please. All my dog can do is sit when I tell her – and she doesn’t do that very well!

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