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After Years As A Pet, Traumatised Orphaned Orangutan Copes By Hugging Herself Endlessly

Raising wild animals in captivity hold dire consequences – it could endanger your life and affect the mentality of the animal. Domesticating them is considered illegal and inhumane – exotic animals belong in the wild. Here is one serious case.

Meet Joss, a baby orangutan who battles serious bouts of psychological trauma after 2 years in captivity. Separated from her mother and kept as a pet ever since, Joss was saved by the International Animal Rescue. Unfortunately, she has developed a hugging habit in order to cope with the absence and loss of maternal warmth from her mother. The team of veterinarians at the rescue have tried to comfort and hold her, but to no avail. Joss’s stress level increased significantly, limping away from them using her elbows, proceeding to bang her head against the wall in a repetitive fashion.

Take a look at Joss’s condition below:

We should respect animals and leave them where they belong – wild animals are not meant to be kept as pets.

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